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Adventure on the red island

Welcome to you hiking lovers, beautiful landscape fans and exotic adventure seekers. Visit the baobab region, the world famous Tsingy, Isalo National Park not to mention the lovely beaches overlooking the Mozambique Channel. This route located in the heart of the Malagasy island is a memorable one. Come and meet the friendly and happy community of a nation that has much to offer.


Travel plan

A driver will guide you day after day in his private vehicle, for you to enjoy all touristic spots. We do focus on accommodation to provide you with optimum comfort during your entire stay.


You may want to modify the trip duration according to your wishes and travel schedules. You can also choose to include internal flights to reduce your travel time.


Further tours on the island are available upon request.

Day 1

Arrival and transfer from Ivato International Airport until your hotel.

Day 2

Head up to Antsirabe for a few hour long journey. Check the valleys, rice fields, banana trees: welcome to Madagascar! The smiling inhabitants are already warming your heart and encouraging you to know more about this gigantic island. A short stop in Ambatolampy allows you to a visit to a coconut shop. Have lunch on the way, or in one of the island’s best pizzerias when arriving in Antsirabe! Spend the night in your hotel.

Day 3

Head up to the Western city of Morondava. All along the way, enjoy this unique opportunity to observe crops, hills, rivers and typical scenes of local daily life. Arrive in the late afternoon, to be able to enjoy sunset on the beach. Enjoy a grilled fish in your Lodge's restaurant.

Day 4

A two hour drive will take you to the Kirindy region, the famous baobab area. Such a magical show is awaiting you before reaching the baobab aisle, one of Madagascar's most famous clichés! On the agenda: an overnight stay in this picturesque environment, enjoying a refreshing swimming pool. In the evening, head up to the Kirindy forest to observe Fossas and nocturnal lemurs (they look like little Koalas!).

Day 5

Go to Bekopaka. An entire day on the winding roads will take you to the heart of the island. Cross the Tsiribihina river by embarking on a ferry with the car: such a great adventure! On arrival, discover your comfortable bungalow, allowing you to spend two nights on site. Enjoy a sunset whilst bathing in the pool with a great view over the Malagasy horizon, as far as the eye can see.

Day 6

Visit the Tsingy (sharp rock pinnacles), this place is a must-see. Explore the Little or Big Tsingy for a great adventure. Footbridges, platforms and a natural labyrinth are awaiting you, as an unusual route facing an explosive landscape. You may want to have a canoe ride to refresh yourself.

Day 7

Drive towards Morondava. Have lunch at Mad Zébu, one of the best gourmet restaurants of the island, in order you to recharge before departure. Spend one or two nights on site, depending on your travel schedule.

Day 8

Return to Antsirabe, you must follow this path in order to continue your journey along the famous RN7 road!

Day 9

Head towards Ranomafana. Stop at the Ambositra craft village to discover the art of wood carving, which is a speciality of this part of the island.

Day 10

Visit the Ranomafana rainforest. Observe the lemurs (a dozen species are present!) and the extraordinary fauna and flora. Walk through this typical forest of Madagascar for a day in the heart of nature. If the weather is nice, enjoy the Ranomafana thermal pool.

Day 11

On your way to Ranohira, admire the Bara tribe daily life, leading their herds of zebus through the savannah, as far as the eye can see. Stop at Ambalavo for a break. Spend the night at the foot of the Isalo mountain range, in such an idyllic environment.

Day 12

Welcome to Isalo Park. This majestic 180km long site is a must-see on the island. Between canyon and plateaus, walk between these 200 million year old rock pinnacles. At the end of your journey, you may want to enjoy waterfalls and natural pools in order to relax. You may even see some Sifaka lemurs? It looks like they are dancing while moving on the ground! In the late afternoon, chill at your charming hotel swimming pool.

Day 13

Drive towards Tulear on the coast of the Mozambique Channel. Arrival expected in the afternoon, for you to jump into the sea for a cooling swim! Your bungalow is located directly on the beach and an excellent restaurant provides you with the best dishes to end your stay in a pleasant way.

Day 14 et 15

Beach time and a tailor-made program are on the agenda: snorkelling, diving, canoe trip, massage and walking around with your feet in the water! Spend one or two days on site, as you wish.

Day 16

Domestic flight back to Antanarivo. Overnight stay in your hotel.

Day 17

Airport transfer. Bring memories of your unforgettable Malagasy adventure in your backpack!

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Private 4X4 vehicule with driver

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18 Juillet 2019
18 Juillet 2019