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By the age of 10 I already used to drawing imaginary itineraries on travel brochures and was dreaming of remote destinations….
I spend my first 18 years at Saint Maurice de Sorgues, a bucolic village located in southern Aveyron, in France. As a child, I always loved exploring the forest carrying a backpack full of basic belongings, in order to be ready for unforeseen circumstances, such as a compass, a Swiss knife and a teddy bear.
I graduated years later in Paris after an MBA study majoring in Advertising Marketing, and spent the following years working in the field of communication and digital, which gave me a broad global approach of business. After 8 years spent in Paris, it happened pretty straightforward to me to travel around the world, in order to make my dream come true.
All by myself, of course!
At the same time, I launched an Instagram account and started writing a travel blog called “Maurice Explorer”. One year and 22 countries later, here I am back to France for a short stay, before leaving again to the next destination. To Africa this time, then India.
This second journey has been a revelation. I am gonna be travel planner.

On a regular basis, I am meeting local business partners and we are working all together in order to offer you the best possible travel services and memories. I regularly travel to try out the different tours, activities,

Today I have managed to make my dream come true: allow the people to travel!


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